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Melamine sponge – rules of use?


Melamine sponge is a relatively new invention, which is characterized by versatility of application and comparative safety compared to some chemical compositions. This tool will help to cope with some pollution, which we will talk about in more detail today.

When will a melamine sponge help?

Melamine sponges will help in cleaning walls and other surfaces when you need to quickly remove dirt without using a lot of water. With a sponge, you can remove both new and ingrained stains. Melamine sponge is perfect for cleaning:

  1. Tile walls and floors covered with washable wallpaper, laminate, linoleum or paint.
  2. Old dirt on the hood and kitchen cabinets or stove.
  3. Upholstered and cabinet furniture, as well as carpets.
  4. Shoes, fabric, suede and leather.
  5. Plumbing fixtures, window panes and mirrors.
  6. Plastic products – window sills, wall panels, shelves, window frames.

Of course, the sponge will not cope equally well with any kind of contamination – with its help you will definitely be able to remove traces from a pen, felt-tip pen, pencil and crayons on walls or furniture, lime plaque and rust stains on plumbing fixtures, traces of burning and soot, black stripes from shoes on the floor or walls, as well as yellow tobacco spots. Melamine works like an eraser – it erases the top layer, therefore, prior testing on a small area is required before application on delicate surfaces.

What is a melamine sponge not suitable for?

Some buyers place too high expectations on sponges, for example, they try to clean dirty greasy surfaces – melamine cannot cope with this. In addition, the porous structure of the material is easily clogged with oil particles – they disrupt the structure of the sponge, depriving it of cleaning properties. Please note that completely frozen fat particles on kitchen walls or kitchen furniture can be cleaned – only greasy dishes or uncured traces of oil are prohibited for a sponge.

Also, do not use melamine for washing dishes – its ingestion can lead to extremely unpleasant consequences, in addition, glossy, laminated, Teflon or lacquered surfaces are not cleaned with melamine sponges, since they are abrasive! As you can see, the melamine sponge is a really useful and easy-to-use tool that will help you with high-quality cleaning. The main thing to remember is that you need to use sponges for the right purposes – they are far from omnipotent and in some cases should not be used at all.

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