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Cleaning services in the USA will become safe and transparent


The bill HR 5205, requiring manufacturers to disclose the composition of cleaning substances, has been submitted to the House of Representatives of Congress. If it is adopted, much more information will be indicated on the packaging of such products.

Concern for the health of the nation

Cleaning services A complete and accurate list of preservatives, dyes, softeners, bleaches and other compounds in the user manual is given only by about 25% of companies that manufacture cleaning products. As a result, cleaning of premises by non-professionals can lead to disturbances in the work of the body and diseases. After all, ordinary people do not have access to specific information, which creates a lot of risks. Erin Switalski, a spokeswoman for Women's Voices for the Earth, said it was important to legitimize the initiative. This will prevent firms from using vague terms when labeling, which can mislead or cause misunderstanding among buyers.

Experts add that today, with respect to more than 2/3 of cleaning products, it is difficult to determine what is hidden under the words:

  • flavoring additives;
  • perfume;
  • fragrance.

Persistent and potentially harmful chemicals are often masked in this way.

A danger that cannot be ignored

If you have ordered cleaning services from a specialized service center, you don't have to worry about the quality of the work. The consumables used will not harm any family member. Whether it is dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture, carpet, cleaning of the estate or estate, washing facades, etc.

But, the independent purchase of soap solutions, pastes, washing powders, and other surfactants results in a dangerous quest. And not everyone can successfully pass the test. Therefore, the desire of American public figures to restore order in this matter is quite understandable. Currently, the cleaning of the premises is not carried out in the old grandfather's ways – with the help of water and a mop. So, the new market needs to be paid attention by introducing effective regulation. It's just hard to say whether it will be possible to convince congressmen of the importance of such a step. Earlier this year, at the California state level, the vote failed.

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